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****upto 200% deposit bonus****
Published on 16-02-2018

hi cixkarma members we have a great news for you guys .currently we are running a promotion of upto 200% deposit bonus till novemeber 1 2018

the following are the bonus we gunna reward  to purchase balance( bonus is  applicable for all processors that are in servic.i.e paypal,payza &stp )

1.from $5 to $99 =25% bonus +$1.25mainbalance

2.from $100 to $499=50% bonus+$1.50 mb

3.from $500 to $699 = 100% bonus+$2mb

4.from $700 to $1499= 150%  bonus+$2.50mb

5.from $1500 and up =200% bonus+$3mb

from clixkarma admin.

sagar deo

promotion promotion promotion
Published on 16-02-2018

Hello clixkarma members its good news for you guys.


the following members will get following bonus

1.memebers who have 100 or more  referal in  account will get $1.25 in   mainbalance(all member s who have 100 referals will get this reward)+$5 in purchase balance.

2.the members who have 500 or more referals in account will get $5 in  main balance +$15 in purchase balance +ultimate membership for 30 days.

3.1000 or more referals in account will get $20 in main balance+$35 in purchase balance+vip membership for 30 days.


(point to be noted after you reach above target plz email us and we will see your account and reward you uponvalaidation)

thank you and enjoy

from admin

sagar deo